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Innovation, Leadership, Vision. We are pioneers in the field with an eye on the future.


Over the years

Digitalia was born to respond to the digital needs of content providers, offering the most appropriate way to supply their products.

Founded in 2007, DIGITALIA has 14 years of experience in content management, digital distribution and in the design of tools for IT development.


DIGITALIA offers the first database of electronic
books and magazines in Spanish.


Our client portfolio increases. DIGITALIA launches
two products: Film Library and Public Libraries


We expand to different languages: Catalan,
Portuguese and French


English, AI-Andalus and Science are the new
products of the growing DIGITALIA family


Expansion in Latin America and Africa

What do we do?

We provide digital content to a broad spectrum of interests and needs.

Provision of content databases

Digitalia’s main activity is to mediate between content providers and institutional clients such as Universities and Libraries, providing quantitative and qualitative content in various electronic formats.

Attention to the needs of the end user

DIGITALIA has grown with a single objective: To offer an efficient digital platform for end users, where they can search, find, read, consult and study the content provided in a friendly way.

Evolution is important

DIGITALIA is constantly adapting its form to meet the highest quality criteria and to offer a cutting-edge service to end users, both in terms of the newest formats and the newest technologies available.

Our goal is to be a world leader in the supply of electronic books, electronic magazines, films, streaming services and other academic materials, providing universities, libraries, academics, students and all readers in general with qualitative content powered by information technology. Information and best practices in content management.

Luis Claret



Innovation, Leadership, Vision. We are pioneers in the field with an eye on the future.

Luis Claret

Founder & CEO

Ignasi Puig

Director Latinamerica

Antoni Planas

Director Europe

Laura Pinilla

Director of Technical Services

María Cabrera

Product Manager

Miguel Angel Roiz

CTO & Systems

Sofía Cabrera

Senior Lead Designer

Irene Alvarez

Public Libraries


We have presence in several countries and continents. We want to be close to our customers and their needs.

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